Thebes Casino Review 2021

Thebes Casino Review 2021

SpilDanskNu has long been a huge success among Danish casino players, and now they are expanding with another strong name. Thebes Casino will open in the foreseeable future. Here we will review what we expect from this magnificent, online casino.

Welcome bonus

Since Thebes Casino is not open yet, we can not say with certainty what their welcome bonus will look like. But we are absolutely sure that they have something exciting waiting for us.

It may be that thebes casino sign up bonus will offer a similar welcome bonus, or maybe they have come up with something completely new. It is now quite popular with the online casinos that a welcome bonus consists of both a match bonus and some spins that you can get started with a slot machine with. We can hope that we will see an equally good welcome bonus. We are absolutely sure that it will be filled with cool bonuses to pick up.

Thebes Casino has a Danish license

First and foremost, this means that Thebes Casino will be a casino with a Danish license. As you may know, this is your guarantee as a player for a casino that complies with all rules within Danish law. The license can only be issued by the Gaming Authority and they are very careful about which casinos they approve.

In addition, the Danish Gaming Authority regularly inspects licensed casinos.

You can therefore be absolutely sure that Thebes Casino is a law-abiding and reliable casino that you can play at.

Danish roots

Like SpilDanskNu, Thebes Casino is also a 100% Danish casino. Not only are their offices physically located in Denmark, they also employ Danish staff.

One of the many advantages of playing at a Danish casino is without a doubt that you get Danish support. Although most Danes can easily do so in English, the vast majority of Danes will prefer to speak Danish, and especially when it comes to the online casinos. You may have questions about something with payment and money, and here it’s nice to know that you are being understood correctly.

Expectations for Thebes Casino

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features we envisage seeing at Thebes Casino.

Game selection

We have very high expectations for Thebes Casino’s selection of games, both regarding slot machines (it’s just like the name) as well as table games.

At SpilDanskNu you will find a large selection of games from the gaming giant, NetEnt, so this could be a very plausible repeater at Thebes Casino. NetEnt is one of the biggest on the market and they are the ones behind huge hits such as Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst and Steamtower. So I wonder if we will see some of these popular classics in Thebes Casino’s selection.

In addition, we also hope to see the Mexico slot machine, which is SpilDanskNu’s own production. It is thus a 100% Danish slot machine, which is packed with fun bonus games and high spirits. And even better, Mexico contains 2 jackpots: A Super Jackpot and a Mega Jackpot. So there is plenty of opportunity for cool wins on this colorful slot machine, which the Danish players have received very well.

In addition to an expected huge selection of online slot machines, Thebes Casino will also have the classic table games available. It never goes out of fashion at the online casinos, and the completely traditional games continue to be well attended. Here we are talking games like poker, roulette and blackjack in different variants. We expect to find all of these in Thebes Casino’s game portfolio.

Bonuses and promotions

Bonuses are immediately harder to guess – but we are quite sure that there will probably be some good ones. Since Thebes Casino is named as it is, we definitely expect some bonuses with some form of free spins. It can be both free spins upon registration as a welcome bonus. But it may also be that Thebes Casino will pamper loyal customers by offering free spins to existing customers.

One can also hope that the Danish casino comes with some daily promotions and not least some VIP for the loyal players. This is often seen in the form of VIP Lounge or VIP clubs where players earn points and rise in ranks with more and more benefits for each step.

We look forward to Thebes Casino!

There is nothing to do but wait and see what Thebes Casino will have to offer the many, game-hungry Danes.

We are extremely looking forward to seeing what they have in store, and we are completely convinced that it will be a completely magical journey with this slot machine focused, Danish casino.

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