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Completed Projects

Since its Foundation the company has executed a number of projects. We handed over these project to the clients and in all of them a certificate has been awarded, appreciation latter has been also given. Most of those projects helps the company to build trust with clients and develop an extensive experience in construction management, construction technology, and construction performance. The company has built High rising building, asphalt road, many big factories, dam and power.

We are still to participate in more challenging construction work and even be one of the best known, and competent international construction company.

Tsegede Junction Ketema Nigus Road

Ashegoda Wind Farm

UN ECA New Office Facility

Heineken Brewery Factory

Addis Adama Tool Motor Way

Wonji Sugar Factory

Bole Lemi Industry Zone



Dashen Bank  at Jimma, and Adama

Intercontinental Hotel

OPD  Annex (Referral Hospital) at Harar and Arba Minch

Zeway Winery /Castle

Methara Sugar Factory

Fincha Sugar Factory

Bonga Tele

Addis Ababa University Digital Library

Hawassa University

Addis Ababa Bole  Airport  Domestic Terminal Renovation

Shenkora St. John the Baptist Church

Abudiab Establishment